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Daily Deals Superstore Moves in to Test Environment

Updated: September 02, 2011, 08:35

Daily Deal Superstore is a worldwide aggregator of deals in over 600 cities.

Users choose the cities and the types of deals they are interested in and receive a relevant daily e-mail.

We have created a Smart Phone App uses GPS targeting technology.  So when you arrive in a city you are prompted to add the city to your favorites.  You are then prompted to select the deals that you want.

We can also segment by Category (Golf, Pets, Office, etc) and put all these deals on the appropriate Imagine page

Check out the following links.

• Homepage - http://www.dds.ig.wip.iws-hosting.co.uk/
• City Page e.g. - http://www.dds.ig.wip.iws-hosting.co.uk/atlanta/
• Deal Page e.g. - http://www.dds.ig.wip.iws-hosting.co.uk/atlanta/promotion-for-pca-skin-studio.htm

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