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Imagine Soccer combines Great Social Networking and Excellent content all in ONE place.

To demonstrate the depth of this capability, we have created a "Walk Through" of the technology, that will allow you to view all the different capabilities of the site.

Home Page

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You will see that we have pulled content, Contests, Advice, Tips and Drills, Product information, etc all in to One Place. Click on the following links below to see the completeness we have attained,

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Find A

Our powerful Find facility has been designed to make it easy for you to find clubs and professional coaches near you.

Private Social Networking Site (Members Zone)

We will create a social networking site for each Coach, Club and Event. This will allow communication between each entity and the associated Player, Friends, Participants, etc.

Check out the following site -

The private social network has the following functionality:

  • A - Content
    The platform integrates with local and interest-specific content, suggested by Coaches,so now the users within the network can:
    - Chat with friends and discuss the latest articles
    - Find a great picture and share it
    - Discuss topics

    B Additional Capabilities
    We have created applications for the Coach or Club to use:
    - About - Lets people know what your Social Network is about
    - Register/Join - Allows new members to join
    - Forum - Allows members to discuss topics around the interest area
    - Notice Board - Allows the Coach or Club to highlight key information to all members (could be marketing of services)
    - Galleries - Allows members to upload images and view other galleries
    - Blogs - Allows the Coach or Club to create relevant content for commentary by the community

    C Social
    - Create individual Profiles
    - Find Friends and Invite Friends
    - Share Messages, Photographs and Links
    - Organize Events (games, parties, meetings, etc)
    - Create Groups
    - Integrate with Facebook and Twitter

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We combine great social networking and excellent content, all in one place!

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