Imagine Daily Deals ( is a daily deal site that markets bargain products and services to a targeted, local database of users, who have the opportunity to buy a deal within a specific time limit. Deals can have a minimum and/or maximum purchase requirements and can be purchased directly or as a gift for others.

IDD is similar to Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal sites regarding the basic business model and mechanics of executing transactions. However, we believe our access to more than 100 million users through our Data Partner will enable us to reach the minimum threshold level of 15,000+ registered users more rapidly than others. (15,000+ users is the threshold most retailers require to run successful ad campaigns). We are currently planning to launch simultaneously in San Francisco (where we will have access to 300,000 users) and Atlanta (where we will have access to 750,000 users).


Our deals will also differentiate IDD in the marketplace. Our intention is to market deals towards the Sports and Active Life Style categories. Typical deals would include:
- Golf and golf related merchandise and services
- Sporting events and sports retailers
- Regional travel
- Active Lifestyle (dining, self-Improvement, entertainment)


Set forth below are sample offerings to be made on the IDD Platform:

Merchant Marketing

In order to effectively build out a market / city with enough merchants to create a sustainable business model, each market must sign and maintain at least 90 core merchants. These merchants would be contracted to run with IDD on a quarterly basis.

The IDD Merchant Scoring system will be utilized in order to maintain the highest level of brand recognizable merchants and the highest quality deals. This insures the success of IDD on the local level. For example, a merchant with high brand recognition, with a highly discounted deal, in a broad audience spectrum, might receive a rating of 4 stars. It is the goal of IDD to consistently seek out 4 star merchants and to replace those who are not.

User Marketing - Acquiring a customer

We aim to continuously increase our user database using cost effective methods. These include:
- Facebook PPC ads
- Google Ad Sense
- Online PR and Offline PR
- Customer referrals
- Facebook connect - viral sharing
- Twitter Feeds
- Advertorials

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