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The Imagine platform is the next-generation online social community that combines great social networking and excellent interest-specific content, all in one place.

The Imagine social networking and content platform could be used to create a hierarchical structure for all outdoor pursuits.

The top level would be a portal site with links to:

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Shooting
  • Camping and Hiking

The next level would be the actual activity.

  • Fishing would be broken down into:
    • Fresh Water
      • Imagine Fishing Bass
      • Imagine Fish Walleye
    • Salt Water
      • Imagine Fishing in-shore
      • Imagine Fishing offshore
  • Hunting would be broken down into:
    • Imagine Hunting Deer
    • magine Hunting Turkey
    • Imagine Hunting Duck
    • Imagine Hunting Big Game
  • Imagine Shooting Sports
  • Imagine Hiking and Camping

The final level would be the actual sport itself – for example fishing.

Within this community you could:

  • Select the types of outdoor pursuits they are interested in and the specific sports that they wish to participate in
  • Create their own interests-based community and connect with friends and other gaming fans at a Outdoor pursuits, activity and actual sport level.  For example:  I am Peter Smith.  I like outdoor pursuits, I like fishing and hunting and I like bass fishing and duck hunting
  • Access unique content at all these levels, including news, views, commentary, hints and tips, equipment reviews, contests, and exclusive member offers

The content will be integrated into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We provide simple access to our content through the traditional websites (one for each activity).  As users become more familiar with our sites, we make it easy for them to start using the various social networking opportunities provided.

Users are able to sign up by entering their email address and a password. This creates a "passport" that enables access to any outdoor pursuit within the network.   A "profile page" is created for each user, enabling them to:

  • Switch between activities – Fishing, Hunting ...
  • Find and invite friends
  • Share messages, photographs and links
  • Organise events such as parties, games, meetings and vacations
  • Create groups and integrate with Facebook and Twitter
  • Play games

Capabilities of the Platform

Using Bass Fishing as an example:

  • Home Page
  • Latest News
  • Blogs
  • Competitions
  • Videos
  • Galleries
  • Equipment
  • Advice Centre
  • Find A...
    • Guide
    • Pro
    • Lake
    • Resort

Individual Activity Sites

We will create a site for Guide. The content will include:

  • Rotating Images
  • Game Overview
  • Sponsors
  • Services/Features 
  • Link to their Members Zone

Private Social Networking Site (Members Zone)

We will create a social networking site for each guide/professional. This allows communication with other participants. The social network has the following functionality:


The platform integrates with interest-specific content, so now the users within the network can:

  • Chat with friends and discuss the latest articles
  • Find a great picture and share it
  • Discuss topics

Additional Capabilities

We have created applications for users:

  • About - Lets people know what your Social Network is about
  • Register/Join - Allows new members to join
  • Forum - Allows members to discuss topics around the interest area
  • Notice Board - To highlight key information to all members (could be marketing of services)
  • Galleries - Allows members to upload images and view other galleries
  • Blogs - Allows site administrator to create relevant content for commentary by the community


  • Create individual profiles
  • Find friends and invite friends
  • Share messages, photos and links
  • Organize events (games, parties, meetings, etc)
  • Create groups
  • Integrate with Facebook and Twitter


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