Imagine Soccer – Concept

Imagine Sports has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Wear the Shirt (WTS). WTS’s focus is at the ‘grass roots’ level and offers a solution to soccer clubs to help them raise much needed funds, improve communication and assist with promotion to national, regional and local brands. Combining the Imagine content and social media platform with this strong, grass roots focussed approach to soccer creates a powerful entity in the soccer marketplace.

Imagine Soccer will launch to 42,000 UK and 25,000 US soccer clubs in January 2012. The official launch will be on January 11th at the US NCSAA show in Kansas, with a simultaneous UK and US proposition. This will be achieved via e-mails and newsletters on a weekly and monthly basis, together with PR and press activity.

A soccer club is a focal point of a community and inspires unrivalled passion, pride and commitment, which needs to be harnessed and developed. However, the clubs themselves face massive hurdles including lack of funding, lack of facilities and poor strategies and communications channels towards participants and fans. Imagine Soccer combines the strength of the Imagine Sports world class digital sports platform with a fantastic club proposition. The result is a club solution that improves communication channels, increases motivation and loyalty, and improves finance and commerciality.

There are 6 elements to this proposition:

1              Club Micro Site and Social Platform
We will build a micro site for every soccer club in the UK and US.  This will include relevant content about the club, the players, fixtures, and events.  We will build a social platform for the club that allows easy communication with players, supporters, local businesses, etc.  These sites will be highly optimized for search engines and the content is completely integrated into Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and i-tunes.

             Club Magazine
The magazine is sport, age and gender specific and combines our own professionally written content incorporating the personal achievements, news, statistics and images of a club or team. The format is half club and its players news and half information about stars of the soccer, combined with a balanced blend of common interests, social, health and community features.

3              Club TV and Broadcast
Club TV is a video broadcast channel which can be used by every club to communicate via a weekly video to all their social channels, easily and effectively.

4              Club APPs and Features
Imagine Soccer is developing APPs to help improve the clubs’ processes and administration, while partnering with other providers to offer a range of products and services designed to improve fan participation, interaction and content contribution.

5              Club Media Relations
Imagine Soccer will build media relations at national and regional level, while supporting clubs in attracting local sponsors and advertisers across the media portfolio.

6              Club Events
Events and tournaments help promote, and commercialize the club, while building awareness and profile of the Imagine event with our own club fan and brand portfolio.

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