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We plan to extend the Imagine Golf Club capability by focusing on Tour players, ex Tour players and fans, by taking the base capabilities of Imagine Golf and add extensive features that allow the players and ex-players to communicate directly with their fans, while owning and controlling the content and the revenue dollars associated with this. Once this is working, we plan to extend this to other sports professionals, celebrities, TV personalities, commentators, etc.


From a strategic viewpoint, it is the combination of a solid social media platform together with the content from the players that will make this unique. This content comes from direct feeds, expert commentary, the players themselves and, most importantly, from the fans.

From a fan’s perspective, they are able to sign up by simply entering their email address and a password.  A "profile page" is created for each user, enabling them to:

  • Find and invite friends
  • Share messages, photographs and links
  • Access unique content, including news, views, commentary, equipment reviews, contests, games and exclusive member offers.
  • Organize events such as parties, games, meetings and vacations
  • Create groups and integrate with Facebook and Twitter
  • Connect with their favorite players

From the player’s perspective, we plan to create “Imagine-On...”.  This allows the player to easily upload, control and commercialize all the content associated with the player. Our Marketing strap-line is Less Work – More Reach.

Basic Premise

  • Tour players have massive reach on several platforms – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, i-tunes, etc
  • These platforms currently benefit financially from this volume of users and NOT the Tour Pros
  • By offering a slightly different approach, the Tour Pros can earn from this content, without changing anything that their followers see on these platforms
  • However, the massive benefit to the Tour Pro is that the majority of the advertising and sponsorship on the websites belongs to them
  • They can use it for their foundations, their charities or themselves
  • There will be no cost to the Tour Pro for this service

Each player site includes:

  • About the Player – bio, sponsors, teams and services
  • Notice Boards – allows the fans to keep up with the player’s life (games, training, speaking, coaching)
  • Forums – Players can create discussion points and get feedback from their fans- Rule change – Good or Bad?
  • Galleries – Players to add photographs of themselves into relevant galleries: personal, playing, working
  • Blogs – Direct communication with the player’s fan base
  • Social – All this content is entered once and seamlessly integrated into Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and iTunes
  • Links – Links back to their own website

Supported by

Imagine Group will establish partnerships with key people on each golf tour (PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour, etc).  We are already working with people on the PGA Tour, Nationwide and Champions Tour.  Their role is to:

  • Actively promote Imagine Golf Club
  • Actively promote Imagine-On...
  • Promote the concept directly to all the tour pros and ex-tour pros via email, phone and meetings
  • Introduce the Imagine Team so that we can build the site for the player and market it effectively

Planned Growth


  • Create a Website for each Tour Player.
  • We will create a Twitter and Facebook style app for their PC and Phone
  • This will load the Tweet and their Facebook Blog on to their Website page that we have created
  • This is then automatically loaded on to their Twitter page and Facebook page with a link back to the site
  • Their Twitter and Facebook fans will see no difference

Sales and Marketing

  • Create the brand, the marketing material and the plan
  • Get the players’ buy-in to work exclusively with the Imagine platform


  • Pre-launch through the media and through the Imagine database of 110 million users
  • Pre-launch to our 5 million golfers, pros, clubs, practice facilities and resorts
  • Launch Imagine-On


Revenue Opportunities

Key revenue streams for this business include Advertising and Sponsorship.

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