Concept Imagine City

Our strategic aim is to create a state-of-the-art Portal City for every City - Check out as an example. The site combines excellent content with great social networking, will be highly optimized for all the search engines and the content will be integrated into Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

We plan to partner with local TV, Radio or Newspaper Group, who will be responsible for Content and Sales.

There will be several unique elements to the site:

  1. All the daily deals in the city will be integrated
  2. City content from Imagine Golf, Tennis, Pets, etc. will be integrated
  3. We can build a FREE site for every business, bar, restaurant, group, etc. in the City
  4. These will also have their own private social networking site allowing them to communicate with their clients and members
  5. Contests will be run for
    a. best photography
    b. best Video
    c. best article
  6. etc

At the top level the City home page will contain great content, contests, videos, blogs, advice, tips, etc.

We build a web site and a social platform for every business, allowing a restaurant owner, for example, to communicate with their clients - Wine tasting and Dinner on Saturday evening. An e-mail is automatically sent to each client, who can choose to attend and/or to share it with friends. This naturally extends the reach of the Restaurant owners.

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