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Imagine Golf combines great social networking capabilities with excellent content. The core of the product is social networking and the standard applications of chatting, finding and inviting friends, organizing events and sharing content, combine with interfacing to and from Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube, and i-Tunes, to create a completely integrated platform.

In addition, people require related content, such as: the latest news, expert commentary, user generated content, advice, competitions and contests, photographs, notices, etc. Integration of this content within the social networking platform allows users to chat while, at the same time, discuss a news article, an item on a notice board, or some advice they have found on the site. However, without users these capabilities do not function.

Data Sources

We have over 5 million travelling golfers in our database. This has come from a variety of sources:
- Partnering with Golf Resorts and their clients
- Registered users on Imagine Golf
- Golfers who have registered for Contests
- Golfers who have bought products
- Destination marketing organizations
- Convention and visitors bureaus


The information we have is extensive:
- First name, last name, e-mail address and location
- In addition we collect gender and date of birth information ,if available
- We know the users IP address and the URL where the information came from

Email Certification

Imagine is now a Certified Email Sender. This allows Imagine to distribute our emails:
- Through 130 top domains (ISPs)
- To over 2.1 billion e-mail addresses
- With immediate monitoring of over 180 blacklists
- With our links and images to be displayed automatically

USA Data Distribution

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